4.5 out of 5

With all the talk of Superheroes from DCEU and Marvel in the theaters, and the impending invasion of Jedi Knights and all things Star Wars — one movie this season will likely come and go with not much fanfare — though it should.

“Wonder” starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay is a fantastic film that will make you do some soul searching and feel warm fuzzies all at the same time. It really is a wonderful movie, and a nice break from all the CGI Heroes and Bad Guys.

Based on the bestselling book, “Wonder” introduces you to a little boy named Auggie, or August Pullman, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS), which along with several surgeries, has disfigured his face, causing him to struggle to fit in wherever he goes. The story is told in a very unique way — as Auggie is the initial narrator and takes you by the hand to let you know who he is, who the important people are in his life, and how he struggles with his appearance. Then, other children who play a prominent role in the film take over the narrating duties, sometimes going through scenes you have already watched, so you can see and hear their perspective on the same events. Even the camera angle and height periodically changes throughout so you can “see” through the eyes of the characters.

With a movie that features Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, you’d think they would be a bigger part of the film — but they are not. While they’re good, and played very well — the story really is about Auggie and all the children (both nice and mean) that enter his life and his sister Via, or Olivia Pullman (played by Izabela Vidovic). As good as the movie is — it really does hinge on the acting and storytelling of the kid actors — and they are simply terrific. Jacob Tremblay (Auggie) is so good, you hardly realize he is in full makeup throughout the movie. And Izabela Vidovic (Via), is able to portray and get feelings across the screen that are well beyond her young years.

Just like Auggie tells you at the beginning of the story — once you get to know him — his appearance fades and you really see him for who he is, and it is interesting to watch all of the other characters go through this process. The movie makes you think about how you interact or have interacted with people in your life — both with physical and spiritual differences. There’s not much else to say without giving the best parts of the movie away — but I will tell you that it is hard to find much wrong with this film. I watched it with several families and a couple of classes from a school, and I will tell you they were laughing, crying and applauding all the way through. There were a couple of scenes where the emotion almost got to me as well…almost (at least not that anyone could see).

So, if you’re like me, and you like the superhero movies, and you LOVE Star Wars — but enjoy a break from all of the special effects every now and then in favor of a small, simple — but enjoyable story — then you will simply love “Wonder.”



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Jeremy Wood

Jeremy Wood


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